Charlotte Fuentes

My artistic practice is based on a daily performance that removes all the boundaries between Life and Art. While pushing boundaries, I put my characters into action. I take you for a ride, creating comical situations and telling stories, in order to be able to finally write one. I enjoy navigating on the edge of reality and fiction, convinced there is no real line between them. They seem to coexist: there are falsehoods in reality as well as there are truths in fiction. I explore feelings that are profoundly human but set aside because they’re too often misjudged to be negative: The loss, the absence of something or someone, warped memories, suppressed fantasies, misunderstandings, the unsaid, all the things that seem impossible to share: They are all put aside, nevertheless, they seem to be inevitable in order to exist: they are these “almost nothings” which constitute the singularity of the individual, of who we are. They are what isolate us from others, but also show our absolute need for them, otherwise, we do not hold up in the world. We are all the characters in somebody else’s life. I am observing emotions, objects, situations of daily life, and abstract or philosophical notions, with the same eye and with the same concern for the singularization of the banal as well as the exceptional. I use art as an excuse to make impossible situations possible and explore the ability of the imagination to transform life. Art is the possibility of showing the elusive. It is the possibility of making non-existent things come alive, it is the possibility of giving them a form. When you can’t name a thing, when you can’t remember, you can always try to produce something that would be the very embodiment of that thing that doesn’t exist. I like to create exhibitions and projects as an experience for the visitors and me. I want the visitors to be more than simple observers. I always try to allow them to be more by giving them the possibility to play a new role which they are free to play or not.